I ‘ve been a professional photographer since 2009, and I love capturing sensational pictures. I live on the breath-taking coastline of north Pembrokeshire, in west Wales.

I‘ve always been very sociable and my natural affinity to bring out the best in people is perfectly suited to making clients feel great, and so look their best.

“But I’m not photogenic,” I hear everyone cry!

I can’t tell you how many times I hear this (before delivering their collection!). And so delighting people with images of themselves, and their families, thrills me too!

I’ll tell you the secret – and it’s not about posing, or make up, or youth, or anything superficial like that: It’s about the atmosphere and the vibe. It’s my number one job to help you relax and feel excited about being photographed. When you’re feeling comfortable and confident; and your innate beauty radiates towards the camera; then it’s impossible not to be photogenic.

So it’s my challenge to give you the best photographs that you’ve ever seen of yourself – because in the hands of a great photographer, everyone’s beautiful…



Y our wedding is your special day. It’s not about technical requirements of a photographer (especially in these digital days). My role is to capture terrific photographs with 100% reverence to the natural ebb and flow of your celebration. It’s a specialist task, and involves collecting and coaxing all those magical moments while hardly being noticed.

Sure, we can shoot a ‘bridal session’ whereby the three of us nip away for 30 mins and we can really think through some gorgeous portraits, but the real trick of wedding photography is documenting the narrative of your wedding day ‘under the radar’; from start to finish; story-telling with pictures; so that in years to come you can open your album and all those feelings come flooding back, year after year …because – be ready – it’s an emotional roller-coaster ride, all the way from nervous anticipation through to the knees-up!)

It’ll be my honour to shoot your wedding’s atmosphere, ambience, character and tone. And I’ll keep your life-long memories fresh and fun.

  • The gorgeous Jenny & Phil on the Isle of Wight – the Digital Collection delivered on an ‘OLP’ branded USB drive and an online gallery. (It’s not often I do a jog and a swim during the morning build up …but ‘hey-ho’ I’m game!)
  • A selection from the most elegant Harriet and Oliver’s celebration in the West Country:
I would highly recommend Owen Lucas Photography.  Owen made me feel at ease from the moment ‘go’ and captured my wedding day with the most amazing photographs. I think he managed to take a photo in every type of weather and had no qualms about being stuck outdoors in the snow or rain to capture the moment. I was so happy with the final photos and would have no hesitation in recommending him to everyone.


W hen we got engaged we were ecstatic, until we realised how much planning was needed to make it as special as possible. We first met Owen at a wedding fair and we instantly knew his style, lovely personality and vision was just what we wanted. The whole planning process we were made to feel at ease and never did we worry about how our photos would look as we already knew they would be stunning. We had a few meetings and an engagement photo shoot in our hometown Bath which was lovely. The big day came around and not once did we feel uncomfortable posing as Owen was taking natural shots which was totally our style. The photos are a dream come true, a true snapshot of our special day and something we can treasure. I would recommend Owen to anyone, not only is he an incredible photographer, he is a true gentlemen!.



Location Portraiture

L ocation Portraiture is lots of fun. It’s great if you’re in Pembrokeshire for a holiday or need images as Christmas or birthday presents. We’d do a Skype planning meeting to run through all the important variables: location, wardrobe, hair and make up, etc. Then take the portable lights and get the images just right.

If your timing is important there’s also what’s called a ‘composite’ option whereby we can shoot indoors (in a studio) and subtly superimpose people onto places using photoshop (see if you can guess the composites in the gallery).

Event Photography

As with weddings, documenting an event or a special ocassion is about composing the overarching narrative, as well as capturing stand out individual images that work as part of the collection or for specific tasks, such as PR or marking publications. I’m happy to recieve a detailed brief, or to be given free reign to shoot as I see the day; either way you’ll recieve a USB drive containing all the edited images in both web and print format; plus an online gallery for friends / clients / etc to view and download FOC.

Kids Lifestyle

M y successes shooting kids lifestyle are in a large part thanks to my rapport. I’m a Dad of three and I was a teacher for many years. I know how to have fun with kids and I know how to get them to relax and enjoy themselves. Once they’re busy playing then the photography can begin. We’ll fix up a time and an activity (discuss clothes and location beforehand) and we’re ready. Whether you want to do indoor or outdoors I have the equipment to cater for all terrains and environments.

Family Lifestyle

F amily lifestyle photography is obviously very similar to kids lifestyle, but with adults too! Again a pre-arranged activity such as a walk to the beach or a game of frizbee in the park helps to get everyone relaxed and having fun before the shooting starts in earnest.

A lovely idea is to create a family album from an all day family shoot. We would have a get-together, prior, and we would draw up an outline of how the day would run. As well as the group photos with you all together we would also designate time slots to family members and their jobs and hobbies. So, for example, if Mum and daughter are both painters, or all the sons are cricketers, we would think through corresponding activities especially.

The resulting album and wall art images can then take pride of place in your home, and Granny’s!

Studio Portraiture

S tudio portraiture can be for a variety of reasons; perhaps you are putting together a formal CV, or application and need a clean and professionally lit photo or perhaps you’ve got an occasion approaching and would like an elegant group shot of your nearest and dearest.

Also there is a technique that I have been honing via the expert tuition of Joel Grimes, where by we would ‘composite’ (join) in photoshop a studio portrait with an atmospheric background to produce a modern and exciting image that works fabulously well when printed on a comtemporary acrylic canvas or the like. Very cool.

Commerce & Publicity

Many people are now beginning to design and construct their own websites thanks to the ease of a plethora of excellent DIY website programmes. However users quickly realise that regardless of well composed layouts, copy and information a website’s success stands very much on the quality of its images. I will shoot bespoke images specifically for your website and also offer very competitive rates to design and construct your complete website.

Please contact me for a quote.


N ature is our battery charger. Organic environments are increasingly understood by scientists and healthcare professionals to assist vitality and well-being. Whether the ‘Shumann resonance’ of the great outdoors vibrating at the optimum 7.83 hertz, or the therapeutic benefits of the colours and harmonics, the modern world is catching up with what intuition has alwasy known: Our mind, body and soul require natural environments. I’m one of the lucky ones that can get out and about  forests and coastlines on a regular basis. But there is a high percentage of people who are tied to an urban environment, and the intense pollution of the city’s frequencies. Connecting with a landscape photograph in your living environment is the next best thing – and as health care becomes more sophisticated such ancient knowledge as Feng Shui becomes ever more appreciated…


Prints   –   backed and mounted:

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42 x 30 (A3)  –     £45

(UK P&P included)

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